Pilea Peperomioides 120mm Pot (2 plants only)

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Pilea Peperomioides 120mm Pot (2 plants only)

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This very sort after Pilea is very on trend right now. It is a sweet gem that has cute round leaves that reach out for some indirect sunlight.

This is for a Pilea and ceramic pot 120mm in diameter.

If they don’t get enough their leaves can change to dome shape and go a little brown.

Let it dry out almost completely before you water it again, they don’t like wet feet.

A good east or west facing well lit room for sunlight, with no direct sunlight.

These pots have no drain hole, They can be potted with stones at the bottom for drainage, and you can ensure you don’t over water them. Or you can opt for them to just be in their nursery pot which fits well into this pot without over hang. If you have a preference, please write this in the comments section at the checkout.

Also there is only 2 plants available, stock levels reflect different pot availability.

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